COVID-19 Notice: To Our Customers

Lubbock Grader Blade is committed to assuring the safety and welfare of our staff and our customers. We remain in operation and offer curbside loading, and will be glad to conduct business through phone contact to every extent possible.

Our staff will observe social distancing and appropriate sanitizing measures as we serve you. Please feel free to call us at 806-765-7191, and real estate agents can visit our online sign ordering page for added convenience. As always, please let us know what questions we can answer or how we can help you during this difficult time.

Your area source for corrugated pipe of any size and components.

  Steel 14 or 16 Gauge

  Variety of Diameters

  Various Lengths

  Safety Ends

  Connective Bands

  Cellars With Lids


We stock concrete as well as cut steel safety end treatments. Designed to last and withstand encounters with errant vehicles, large watershed and all types of harsh weather.



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